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Welcome to Oracle Code  Information Site. Oracle is one of the leading relational databases in the industry and it is widely used as back end database or even we can say as a backbone for large scale software applications and data-ware houses. Oracle operates by predefined set of rules.

During the course of application development, unit testing , performance testing or even in Production, Oracle may generate an error if any of these predefined rules are violated. If any error, Oracle fails the operation with an ORA- error code. Oracle provides list of the error codes with little bit of explanation in their documentation but it didn't provide much details or examples of the errors. In the internet also, information about these Oracle errors such as example scenarios for these errors and info about fixing these errors is not easily available/accessible as it is usually buried in various forums.

The intention of this site is to provide easily searchable Oracle Error Information with examples such that developers, testers, DBAs, production support people and other Oracle users benefit by finding all needed information about an Oracle error by one click.

If you have questions not covered in Oracle Code Information Site please feel free to email your question to dba@ora-code.info

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